The Fresno Area Strive program supports every child cradle to career.

Fresno Area Strive

Improving the Success of Children

Fresno Area Strive logoConcerned about the challenges facing today’s youth and families, business, community, and educational leaders have come together to improve the success of children in the metropolitan Fresno area. Fresno Area Strive is based on a model developed in Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky, called Strive. The program is designed to support the success of every child from cradle to career. First introduced to key Fresno-area stakeholders in January 2010, Fresno Area Strive is developing a network of local partners who are committed to the success of our youth. The program is being coordinated by the Fresno Compact.

The primary purpose of the Fresno Area Strive partnership is to strengthen educational and support systems for all children and families in the area to improve student academic success and better prepare them for higher education/training and careers. Fresno Area Strive seeks to unite common providers around shared issues, goals, measurements and results, and then actively support and strengthen strategies that are successful. Partners must commit to making an impact in assisting students in the attainment of the goals of Fresno Area Strive. The program uses a data-driven process to focus community-wide needs, establish common strategies for success, and monitor progress.

Vision, Mission and Goals

The Vision of the Fresno Area Strive partnership is to inspire and prepare every student for a successful career in a dynamic economic environment.

The Mission of the Fresno Area Strive partnership is to strengthen educational and support systems for all students and families to improve academic success and preparation for higher education/career training and successful careers.

The goals of Fresno Area Strive are:

1. Every child will be prepared for school.
2. Every child will be supported in and out of school.
3. Every student will demonstrate components of a healthy lifestyle.
4. Every student will succeed academically.
5. Every student will graduate from high school and enroll in post-secondary education and/or career training.
6. Every student will complete post-secondary education and/or career training and enter a meaningful career.

Roadmap to Success

Roadmap to Success iconFresno Area Strive has developed a Roadmap to Success that shows the developmental milestones in academic and student and family support areas from cradle to career. An Annual Report Card will be published that highlights the progress toward our goals and describes next steps.

The initial partners in this effort include California State University, Fresno, Fresno Pacific University, State Center Community College District, Fresno County Office of Education, Fresno Unified School District, Clovis Unified School District, Central Unified School District, Sanger Unified School District, First5 Fresno County, Fresno County EOC Head Start, Central Valley Educational Leadership Institute, Central California Children’s Institute, Reading and Beyond, Fresno Business Council, Promise Neighborhoods, and National University.

Click here to read and sign the Fresno Area Strive Partnership Agreement.

Fresno Area Strive has become a member of the National Cradle to Career Network. Launched in 2011, the national network connects communities throughout the nation to share resources and information.

The next step for Fresno Area Strive is to enlist additional community support to participate in this effort to ensure the success of our youth.

Baseline Report

Fresno Area Strive Baseline ReportWith the completion and publication of the Fresno Area Strive 2012 Baseline Report, it is now incumbent upon the community to begin work on achieving the goals that have approved. As discussed at the December 14, 2012, Fresno Compact Board of Directors’ meeting, one of the Next Steps is the development of Action Teams for each goal.

The Action Teams will be organized around each goal. For organizational purposes, it is best to assign an educational entity as the Lead Co-Chair for each team. The Board of Directors can be involved on each team. It is critically important that Community Partners are added to each Action Team. The Lead Co-Chair is responsible for calling the meetings and organizing the activities of the Action Team.

The purposes of the Action Teams are to review the indicators under each goal, assess what is currently being done in each area, invite individuals and organizations to be Community Partners who can contribute to the improvement of each indicator, select appropriate activities for implementation that will increase the success of students in each indicator, and measure the progress from the baseline.  Several dates will be selected as monitoring points for the Action Teams.

Organization of the Action Teams

The 2013 Fresno Area Strive Annual Report will measure progress against the initial levels on each indicator of the Roadmap to Success as presented in the 2012 Fresno Area Strive Baseline Report.

To join an Action Team, please contact Executive Director Tom Crow at